Ride to the Rugby World Cup with the Fat Kid and Friends. Please spread the word!

Greetings friends!

An enforced break brought on by prematurely and incorrectly calling the end of the winter here in Bulgaria has ended up being a massive blessing as it’s allowed the finishing touches to be put to plans for the ‘grand finale’ of Lettie’s Ride…a fun(d)raising ride from Paris to Brighton and the Rugby World Cup!

I’ve been completely blown away and humbled by the response to the recent ‘soft launch’, and if you haven’t already signed up, I’d now like to take this opportunity to officially invite you to participate in this special cycling adventure. It promises to be a laughter-filled celebration of health, vitality and the best of the human spirit, an unique and fun way to experience the Rugby World Cup and get behind the Springboks (or your team of choice!), and an opportunity for Lettie’s Ride to leave a significant and tangible legacy in the form of raising funds and awareness for two incredible organisations. Also, very importantly, it will be an opportunity to remember and celebrate the life of Nix “Lettie” Haynes, a dear friend and inspiration not only to myself, but countless others touched by her incredible spirit.

Full details appear on the attached brochure, but in summary, the event involves…

* Dates: 15th to 20th Sept 2015.
* A fully supported, very flat and relaxed 200km or so cycle from Paris to Brighton, England.
* 5 nights of fun functions, hosted by Dan Nicholl.
* Pre match braai, and tickets to the Springbok’s opening Rugby World Cup match against Japan in Brighton.
* Open to any fun and adventure loving folks receiving this message.

Finally, I’d like to ask a massive favour – please can you do whatever you can to share, repost, forward or otherwise spread the word of this event by any means possible through your personal and corporate (if appropriate) channels. Due to the limited number of rugby tickets available, we’re restricted to just 100 entries, but even more importantly, when it comes to the event itself, the more people that know about it, the more success we’ll have from a fundraising point of view, so please do spread the word, and remember that entries are open to cyclists of all abilities (or non abilities, as we will have a spectator bus option), friends, family, colleagues, clients etc.

Please contact me directly on the details below to secure your entry, for any further questions, or details on how else to get involved…it would be great to hear from you!

Thank you so much, stay happy, and always take the stairs,


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